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Build Client Confidence with Quick, Informative Answers

Win more clients and grow your business by on-boarding & impressing more prospective clients, and building your clients confidence by stress testing their assumptions. Show clients how to save money and build their retirement - and show them you are working to plan for any risk that might come their way with powerful & convincing visualizations.

Comprehensive planning and scenarios for multiple income streams, big purchases, Social Security, tax strategies, and spending guidelines.

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Differentiate Your Services with Live (Remote) Client Collaboration

Collaborate with Clients Live Over the Browser, even if you are a 1000 miles apart. Bring interactivity to your client sessions, and encourage them to share their concerns and ask the hard questions now.

Step 1: You & Your Client Login.

There is No Step 2 - You are Already Live: Your Client sees What You See, run scenarios and test tax strategies live with your client. No lag, no software, no special settings, no awkward back & forth about what you want them to click on.

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Scenarios (What If?)

Simulate a multitude of scenarios with clients to stress test their plan.

  • When should I take Social Security?
  • What if 2008 happens again?
  • What if I retire early (or late)?
  • What if I invested differently?
  • Am I ready for another Great Depression?
  • Would having a part time job during retirement help?
  • Illustrate longevity risks
  • Many more…
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Easy Startup & Simple Client Onboarding

  • Clients can be invited easily, quickly, and securely, and fill out their own profile to get setup in just a few minutes.
  • Minimal time investment to get up and running with clients, get started by watching our quick start video:

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Tax Strategies to Help Client's Money Last Longer

Show your clients how a tax strategy could save them big, and make leaving a legacy possible.

Show clients the effects of withdrawing their money from taxable vs. non-taxable accounts, and how Roth Conversions can impact their portfolio.

spending rules

Spending Rules to Save Client's Retirements

Show your clients the powerful effects of adjusting their withdrawal strategy. Show them that there is a plan for market declines, so they can panic less and relax and enjoy their retirement more.

Prepare your clients for market declines by showing them how to cut back to save their account, and when increasing their spending is possible.

historical data

Beyond Monte Carlo

Show your clients actual historical performances instead of just simulations. Show them how their plans stack up to the Great Depression, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Stagflation of the 1980’s.

Show them starting off at the wrong times can lead to big risks, especially when investing in volatile assets.

forms and lead generation

Grow Your Business with Lead Generation

  • Create contact forms and embeddable scenarios for your website.
  • Share links with scenarios and tools to show clients and prospective clients a specific concern or idea with a single link.
  • Ideal for sharing via social media, email, in blog posts, and on your website quickly and easily.
  • Contact forms have powerful spam fighting and security technologies already built in.

We ❤ U.S.A. / We ❤ Canada / We ❤ 🗺

Data dating back to 1929 for U.S. markets and inflation, Social Security adjustments for age and date of birth built in. Canada specific market data and inflation information, and Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security adjustments built in. Flexible enough to accommodate non-U.S. and non-Canadian customers.

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social security age

How Fast Can You Show Your Clients the Effects of Changing What Age they take Social Security?

Not Fast Enough?

This is one of our Lead Generation Forms - Embed it on your website, send to clients and prospective clients via email or even on social media (if you are into that kind of thing). Also collect form responses (optional) with powerful anti-spam technology already built in.

We ❤ Canada: Lead Generation Forms available for planning client’s Canada Pension Plan too.

simple to understand descriptions

Easy to Understand Descriptions

Simple and straightforward language to ensure you and your client are always clear on what the results mean.

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Make an Impression on Prospective Clients

You know the right answers about Social Security, how to Invest for a Client's Risk Profile, the risks of bad years at the beginning of retirement, if a client is ready to retire (financially) or not... We can help you show them & advise them to make the best decisions for their financial security.