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No, as a client you never need to pay as this service is offered by your advisor, please go to https://dash.eadvisor.app/pages/login to login.

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You simply need to be logged into your account at https://dash.eadvisor.app/pages/login, from there the website will auto update to follow along with your advisors selections and also allow you to show the advisors selections you are making. No special software needed. If you have not filled out your client information, you may do so by logging in if your advisor would like you to do this.

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Running historical tests takes data available from 1929 to today, meaning there are around 90 years of available data to simulate. Running simulations takes 1000 years of simulations, this means there are a lot of possible stock and bond market paths tested for hypothetical markets. Since there is more variety to simulations, there is going to be a greater likelihood of encountering situations that have never historically occurred (yet), and therefore you may have done well historically but not perfectly in simulations.

We only collect necessary personal information for simulations, and store all data in secure servers that block unauthorized attempts and spammers. We avoid collecting personal information like your exact birthdate for maximum privacy, also feel free to enter a non-complete name (ex: Jason S.) instead of your full name for anonymity.