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Invite Clients, Work with Clients Live

  • Invite Your Clients via Email to the application. From there they may setup their profile.
  • You and your clients will have access to their profile, and be able to edit and update settings and test scenarios.
  • Work with clients live over the internet. You and your client will instantly see changes made to their profile, scenarios that are running, and tab to tab navigation changes - this means as long as you are logged in you can show a client exactly what you see without any special software or settings.


  • Test a multitude of scenarios, and how they affect your client’s portfolio size and chances of financial longevity.
  • Scenarios include Social Security age, poor market conditions, increased healthcare costs, retiring early or late, sequence risk and many more.
  • Scenarios run on both Simulated (Monte Carlo) and Historical Data (going back to 1929).
historical data

Historical Data

  • In addition to simulated portfolio values, show clients actual historical market conditions.
  • Show them how their plans stack up to the Great Depression, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Stagflation of the 1980’s.
  • Run scenarios, apply tax strategies, and spending rules on real historical conditions - show them what would happen if they happened to retire in 1929 or 1968 with data going back to 1929 for U.S. markets.
tax strategies

Tax Strategies

  • Tax Strategies allow you and your clients to easily compare the effects of how different ways to withdraw money affects the likelihood of success and account values.
  • Tax strategies include withdrawals from taxable, and non-taxable accounts, and Tax withdrawals with Roth Conversion on leftover funds.
spending rules

Spending Guidelines

  • Work with clients on when they could cut back their spending and when they might be able to increase their spending.
  • Portfolio balance and withdraw rate based spending rules give you and your clients options for how aggressive or conservative to be about when they need to cut back and when they can safely increase their spending.
sustainable withdrawal rate chart

Sustainable Withdrawal Planning

Plan a sustainable withdrawal rate, including client’s tax strategy, spending rules, account values, investment choices, age and more. This is no generic chart, it takes into account your clients actual situation to determine the rates that work for them.

lead generation

Lead Generation (Marketing)

  • Build Lead Generation Forms utilizing our Marketing section, to select multiple scenarios to provide a simple to use widget for sharing via your website or a simple link that you send out.
  • Forms allow you to collect contact information from potential leads.
contact forms

Simple Widgets

  • These Widgets do not have to be used to collect leads, they can also be included without contact forms.
  • These contact forms can quickly show a client how a scenario affects them in just a few seconds without needing to sign them up for a full account or enter any of their information.
Budgeting and Needs vs Wants

Budgeting and Needs vs. Wants

  • Budgeting forms that take into account needs and wants.
  • Show clients the effects of adding and removing wanted items in scenarios.
  • Customizable budget entries and fields.
big purchases

Big Purchase Planner

  • Do your clients want to buy that sports car they have been eying or are they planning to pay for their child’s college?
  • The big purchase planner allow them to setup one time costs, and determine how to fit these expenses into their retirement.
Lead Generation

Smart Social Security Planning

  • When should I take social security? A big question, with choices made clearer.
  • Auto calculations to show clients how much they will receive in social security at different ages, and what changing the age will do to their retirement.
  • Run scenarios to test, side by side, how different ages affects a client’s retirement.

(Also available for the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security)

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