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Yes, please go to https://dash.eadvisor.app/auth/sign-in and select the Forgot my Password link.

Yes, all content that you download, including graph images and reports may be used in any material including for commercial purposes. See our terms of service for more information.

No, we do not market anything to your clients or sell/use their information. They are your clients and we strive to treat them as such. We do not market to them, or send them emails, or promote any products to them either by email or phone or traditional mailings. The only exception would be emails inviting them to our service when you add them in the dashboard, or if they forgot their passwords.

If you cancel your subscription all of your data, co-advisor’s data, and client’s data is immediately removed from our database - that is we delete their files.

You will be unable to add new clients, since you are over the limit of clients for that plan, but you and your clients will still have access to their data - no data will be automatically deleted as a result of downgrades to subscription plans.

Copy the lead generation form information from our website, it will look something like this:

<iframe class='embed-responsive-item' id='ifrm25685' scrolling='no' sandbox='allow-scripts allow-modals allow-downloads' style='border: 0;min-height:0px;min-width: 400px;' frameborder='0' width='100%' height='0px' src='https://widgets.eadvisor.app/getform/?email=RJ7oL&formnum=0&formenable=1&formbs=0&title=Q29udGFjdCBVcyBmb3IgUGVyc29uYWxpemVkIEluZm9ybWF0aW9u&subtitle=&usecan=false'></iframe><script>setInterval(function() {if (screen.width<576) {document.getElementById('ifrm25685').height = '1350px';}}, 7500);</script>

From there, you may send it to your web developer or embed it in your website yourself, most web development tools allow embedding HTML content in pages. Look for the HTML embed option in your web development software.

Go to Your Profile in the Dashboard, and click the blue button at the top that says ‘Billing and Subscription Management Portal’

In Your Profile please invite a new client, see the help page, or animation below:

Go to https://dash.eadvsior.app/ and login, select your profile button in the header, and select Profile, then go to the Billing and Subscription management portal by clicking this button at the top of that page.

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