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Please check your email, there should be a link to sign up and activate your account. If there is no link, please first check your Spam folder, then Launch the Dashboard & press the 'Forgot Your Password' Link.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for subscribing, below are some questions you may have. Feel free to contact us!

You should be receiving an email with a link to activate your account, and setup a username and password. If this email does not come, please check the Spam folder, and if that fails go to the dashboard and click the ‘Forgot My Password’ link.

Tools can be accessed here: https://Dash.eAdvisor.app

You will be charged for the subscription you choose after the free trial ends, you will receive an email 1 week before the trial ends to let you know this will occur if you do not cancel before the trial ends.

We offer video training at https://eadvisor.app/help, if you have a question please either use our live chat if available (bottom righthand corner of the screen) or contact us at: [email protected] - someone will get back with you shortly!

In the dashboard there is a link on your profile page that will allow you to manage your account. From there you may upgrade or downgrade your plan, or cancel your subscription.

Cancellation of a subscription results in an immediate deletion of all client data, as well as a prorated invoice being sent.

In your dashboard, go the the Profile link, at the bottom there is link to Manage Your Account. From there you may change your plan options, view past payments, update your credit card information, and cancel your subscription.

Your clients are your clients. Clients that you invite to this application will not be marketed to or have their data shared. We are very serious about protecting your clients' privacy. We won’t add them to mailing lists, or send them promotional emails, or share the information they enter.

In order to allow clients to sign up and manage their account, we will send them a sign up email and allow them to receive a forgot your password email if requested.

Yes, the dashboard may be white labeled for all advisors and clients with your company name, logo, and company contact phone, email address, and website listed.

In the dashboard, go to your profile, and select the invite new clients button. You may also delete clients from this area.

In the dashboard, go to your profile, and select the invite co-advisors button. You may also delete co-advisors from this area.